Gallagher Family Legacy

Meghan Gallagher a Texan genealogist and writer has denied her psychic abilities.

Violent and disturbing dreams of blood, fear, and death she can no longer ignore drive her to take a job in Ireland, where she meets Angus, a man who challenges her edict of no more men or romance.

Angus MacRae is a SAS officer struggling with the loss of his team and is recovering from spending months as a POW. He has no time for love or the beautiful, brave, American who intrudes on his vacation.

Meghan’s haunting dreams of blood, fear and death intensify-showing Angus soon will be dead. What can she do to protect the man who holds her heart? Or will her dream of them both dying at the hands of the killer come true?

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western angelWESTERN ANGEL

In 1868, post-Civil War Virginia, Angeline “Angel” Harris, a teacher, believing she killed a man, flees to the Colorado Territories straight into the arms of the only man she’s ever trusted. Sure he’d spurn her if he knew her secret, she hides her love.

After spending ten years abroad Jacob “Jake” Walker returns in answer to his family’s request for help. Shocked to find his sister’s childhood friend stranded in the wilderness, he determines to get her safely to Canyon City. But the intense passion building with the woman called Angel is completely unexpected.

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Tessa Blake, hardened by family infighting over her adoptive father’s money, trusts no one. She spends her life at sea searching for the reason she sees an aura around humpback whales. Nate Anderson, recovering from serious battle wounds and heartsick at losses in his unit, must complete this mission to prove he still has what it takes to be a Navy SEAL. Caught up in a passion that overwhelms them both, Tessa fights to overcome her trust issues, while Nate struggles with his desire to stay as far away from Tessa as he can get. Despite sabotage, illegal whalers, and murder, two damaged people search for a future together while unraveling a mystery that   will stun them both.

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